A History of Public Service

There are more than one million security officers in the United States, approximately four times the amount of sworn law enforcement officers. More than 85 percent of critical infrastructure in the U.S. is owned by the private sector, and as such, contract security companies play an increasingly pivotal role in homeland security and overall protection of our people, nation and economy. City shield was founded for the express purpose protecting our nation and its allies from a varied and complex global threat environment, our risk mitigation programs coupled with our emphasis on core values and competencies elevate and professionalize the security industry, every day. From management to every single officer hired, we are working to change the perception of contract security officers through transformational leadership.


City Shield Security’s executive leadership, senior management, and team members have diverse backgrounds from federal, state, local law enforcement agencies, as well as the U.S. Military and intelligence Community. Our team also brings significant experience in the areas of risk management, emergency management and preparedness related disciplines. Our unique brand combines, a global outlook with local knowledge making us ultra-competitive in today’s modern-day threat environment. In a world of ever-emerging threats, technologies, and globalization, City Shield is your choice to for comprehensive security solutions.

This foundation drives our belief in the importance of service-based leadership, where our commitment to serving clients, each other, and our community drives everything we do. City shield Security Services “SERVICE FIRST”.